Getting Started with Resistance Training

Getting Started with Resistance Training

I’m a personal trainer in Mansfield, Texas who routinely uses resistance training with my clients as a way to help them build strength. Resistance training works just as it sounds – it uses the process of resistance (push back) against your muscles to strengthen them and build endurance in your workouts, too.

There are four basic types of resistance training – isotonic exercise, elastic exercise, isometric exercise and isokinetic exercise. They all work differently to help you achieve your strength training goals. 

Isometric resistance is when you contract your muscles using a stationary object (which could even be a floor, wall or table). 

Isotonic resistance is when you contract your muscles using motion. For example, using free weights to build strength. 

Isokinetic resistance is when you’re using special machines that control the speed of movement you’re using. 

Elastic resistance is the use of bands, which you often see in various colors that each offer a different amount of resistance to the user. 

You want to use a variety of resistance training methods because each one controls or pushes your muscles in a unique way. Varying the resistance throughout using machines, bands or bodyweight is a great way to ensure a full body workout. 

Some people also employ the use of plyometric resistance training, where you’re using quick bursts of high-intensity contractions. Or, they get on a circuit and do a series that involves both aerobic and strength exercises with little to no break in between. 

As a personal trainer, I like to use resistance exercises in my workouts at times because it helps strengthen and tone my clients’ bodies, and the increase of muscle burns more fat both during our sessions and afterwards. 

Because I work with some seniors, I also appreciate that it provides protection for them when it comes to bone loss. Strength training is a fantastic way to combat osteoporosis. And because some of my clients have mobility issues, strength training also gives them better balance and more capability of standing and enduring movements. 

When you engage in resistance training, you’ll be minimizing your risk of injury from everyday activities. But many don’t know how to properly work their muscles. A simple picture on a machine isn’t enough to ensure you have proper form, so that’s where a personal trainer comes in handy. 

I not only know when and how to effectively level up your strength training, but I ensure your muscles get proper rest in between our workouts of certain body parts. If you’re new to resistance training and live near the Mansfield, Texas area, contact me and I’ll go over how I can help you build strength, tone up, and improve your endurance with a fitness routine that is tailored to your needs. 

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