Do I Need a Personal Trainer?

Do I Need a Personal Trainer?

Have you been asking yourself, “Do I need a personal trainer?” Whenever I encounter members at the gym, I often hear about their life changing goals they set and motivational resources such as pictures and videos to serve as a map on their journey to success.

Just the other day I was rearranging the weights back after a session with a client, observing some members who were studying the pictures on the machines between each exercise. As someone whose passion is fitness, I introduced myself so that I could help demonstrate the correct way to maximize results and to save them from serving as their own worst enemy.

What often happens is, they’ll assume that working out is easy as long as you know how to use a machine, so they watch a couple of YouTube videos and feel empowered to take it on themselves.

But what you’re missing are several crucial factors that could be sabotaging you or even pushing you further from success with your workouts.

What I’ve often found is that when clients make a decision to start out with a personal trainer, they usually stick with one after experiencing the difference between having that personal guidance of a fitness professional, and the struggle of having to guess how to get across the finish line. This is one of the primary benefits of hiring a personal trainer.

A Personal Trainer Helps Prevent Injuries

I’ve seen everyone from teenagers to seniors, and both out of shape and very fit looking individuals engage in some risky training that could cause serious problems for them.

You might think everything you’re doing in the mirror looks okay, but a professional is trained in spotting micro errors in technique that could damage your muscles and pick up on mistakes you might be unaware of.

Gym goers who have little to no experience are at the highest risk of suffering the worst injuries, including problems with their back, mobility, and other issues. Even though you’re doing something healthy, you’re still putting yourself in danger if you’re uninformed.

This is even more true if you’re coming into the gym already out of shape, or dealing with an injury or health issue that you’re trying to recover from. So when you ask yourself if hiring a personal trainer is worth it, just know that this is a preventative measure, in addition to being an investment in your healthy future.

A Personal Trainer Can Fast Track Your Success

fast track success with a personal trainer

I see so many people spinning their wheels trying to shed pounds or gain muscle, tone their abs or improve their fitness in other ways. We spend hours and years absorbing information and getting certified so that we know everything about how bodies perform and improve, as well as what sets you back from your goals.

Most people don’t have time to invest in that kind of education – they have limited time to even get a workout in each day. I am a personal trainer in Mansfield, Texas who loves to learn. I study everything from form correction to various training methods, motivation techniques and more so that I can pass this along to my clients as needed.

When I meet with clients, I will be working diligently to design a program built for whatever their fitness level may be, that meets their health and fitness needs. Knowing more about my client’s preferences and past experiences is a crucial step in my method of personalizing a plan that is built for your longevity and success.

So if you’re asking, “Do I need to hire a personal trainer to build muscle or lose weight,” what I can tell you is that when members ask me what to do when they are struggling or feeling lost, the answer is to just let them experience firsthand how the correct movements and workouts are to be performed under the guidance of a certified fitness professional.

A Personal Trainer Can Deliver a Tailored Assessment and Plan


Right away, when you meet with a personal trainer, they should do what I do – a fitness assessment that tells them where you are at that current place in time, so they can evaluate your needs.

If anyone just signs you up for training and pushes you into a workout with an assessment, they probably aren’t looking out for your best interests. Believe it or not, simple things like your posture and mobility can tell me what you’re capable of, address imbalances, and help determine what you need to work on in order to live and move up to your full potential.

You always want someone who creates a custom-made workout just for you – for your needs and goals, both. There are some trainers who have the same cookie cutter workout for every client, and this goes against my ethics.

As a personal trainer in Mansfield, Texas, I work with clients who have their own personal preferences for certain types of workouts or machines and equipment. I listen to their input, and sometimes push them outside of their comfort zone if they’re willing and able to try new things.

The reaction I often get is that what they just learned or tried is something amazing they never would have considered, and now they feel empowered to do more with their fitness journey.

Does getting a personal trainer help? Absolutely. I can optimize your workouts for you and ensure you get the kind of encouragement and guidance you need. We’ll work together to set your goals and track your progress, celebrating milestones along the way.

You’ll never be stuck with a stale plan that lacks variety. I want clients to have fun and leave the gym feeling proud of what they just did. At the same time, if you come to me in need of a temporary or permanent modification in your plan, we’ll sit down together and make it happen.

I want my clients immersed in an efficient workout routine that will serve them in the best way. What I don’t want is to see people floundering and wandering around the gym wondering what to do next, or how to do it.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you need the support of an experienced personal trainer, reach out to me and we can go over your concerns and I can share exactly how I can help you specifically based on your current fitness and goals.

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